High-Quality Images for Real Estate

I make it easy for you to create listings that will stand out to potential buyers/renters. I offer a wide variety of services to showcase each property to it’s best potential, whether it’s a simple apartment or a luxurious mansion. I would be happy to discuss with you which services would be best suited for your listing.

Details and pricing:


Drone and Interior Photo Combo:

To provide you with a complete set of beautiful photos that will make your Real Estate listing stand out, I use my drone for the exterior photos and my Nikon Digital SLR camera and some advanced lighting and editing techniques to showcase your listing’s interior.

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  • $250 for average-sized homes (most homes)
  • $300 for extra-large homes

Exterior Drone Photos:

Aerial photos of your real estate listing are a simple, yet very effective, way to catch the attention of potential buyers as they scroll through MLS listings. Includes sky replacements (using Photoshop to show blue skies rather than clouds), if needed.

See more samples of my work


  • $150 for most residential properties
  • $200 for very large or commercial properties

Matterport Virtual Tours:

To give potential buyers a more immersive feel for the interior of your listing, I can create a virtual tours through Matterport.


  • $150 for very small homes or condominiums
  • $175 for average-sized homes (most homes)
  • $200 for homes over 4000 sqft
  • NEW – Add a schematic floor plan to any Matterport Tour for just $20 (or $40 if over 10K sq.ft.)

Includes up to two months of hosting your 3d model. Longer-term hosting can be arranged at an additional cost of $150 per year or $15 per month to host up to 5 spaces, paid in advance.

Real Estate Videos:

I take a variety of short, smooth, cinematic drone videos clips of the exterior of your listing and, if desired, combine them with a collection of interior video clips, to create a video to help get buyers excited about your listing.

Pricing Starting at:

  • $150 when using only drone videos ($50 discount when done in combination to a photo package)
  • $250 when using both drone and interior videos ($50 discount when done in combination with a photo package)
  • $300 when the video also includes all of the above, plus talking parts and/or voiceover (provided by the client). ($50 discount when done in combination with a photo package)

Sunset/Twilight Photos:

During an evening visit to your listing, I take several photos outside using my drone and/or DSLR camera to capture some warm and inviting images. For best results, I usually have the realtor or homeowner turn on all the inside lights. If the sunset doesn’t happen to be spectacular on that particular evening, no problem! I can always replace the sky afterwards in Photoshop.


  • $100 (assuming the property is located within a 15 minute drive of my home.) $150 as a stand-alone service.

Orthomosaic Drone Mapping:

I program my drone to autonomously fly back and forth above your property, taking about 30 – 50 photos. I then upload the photos to a service that stitches them together to create a highly-detailed, up-to-date map. While the maps are very accurate and useful, please note that I am NOT a surveyor.


  • $200 for up to 10 acres ($50 discount when done in combination with a photo or video package)

Travel Fee Schedule based on one-way driving time:

  • Within about 20 minutes drive (one way) of State College, PA: Included in price above
  • 40 – 60 minutes (round trip): $50
  • 60 – 90 minutes (round trip): $100
  • 90 minutes – 2 hours (round trip): $150
  • ($50 additional for each additional 30 minutes of round trip driving)

Extra visits for a partial reshoot (unless due to my own error):

$50 plus $5 per photo (plus travel, if applicable)

To Ensure Best Results:

Please read through my “Guidelines Checklist” and share it with your clients. (or download this handy PDF Version)

Extra preparation (straightening/staging/cleaning) prior to a photo shoot when houses are not completely ready:

$100 per hour