Guidelines for Best Results:

(Click HERE for the PDF Version)

To help me provide you with optimal photos and/or video footage for your real estate listing, please ensure that the following tasks have been completed before I arrive:

Well in advance:

  • Eliminate as much clutter and mess as possible. To make this challenging task easier, many people temporarily store their extra items in their garages, which don’t typically need to be photographed for real estate listings.
  • If any repairs or repainting needs to be done, try to have it completed prior to the photo/video shoot.
  • Check that all light bulbs are in working order and change them if necessary. Preferably, also check that all the bulbs in any given area match each other (same color temperature and brightness).
  • Vacuum any carpets and use a carpet cleaner, if necessary, to remove any stains.
  • Clean all windows, mirrors, and glass doors. Using a squeegee typically works best.
  • Clear off all the countertops in your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. Clear off home office desks, too.
  • Put away any personally identifying items, including photographs, signs with names, etc.
  • Clear any piles of leaves, sticks, or other unsightly yard waste, especially on or near front entry ways and/or patios.

Just before I arrive:

  • Turn on all the lights in your house. This should include any bedside or desk lamps.
  • Clean your floors, wipe down tables and counters, and try to make sure everything looks clean and fresh.
  • Turn off any televisions or computer monitors.
  • Either open all window coverings completely, or, if you prefer, you can raise horizontal blinds halfway and tilt the top section to allow as much light through as possible.
  • Double check that all clutter is gone – including countertops, floors, and the tops of furniture.
  • If you have any pets, temporarily stash all related items (such as bowls, pet beds, cages, etc).
  • Close toilet seats. Make sure all shampoo bottles, etc have been removed from any showers.
  • Hide any trash bins inside your house, especially any open-top ones.
  • Remove any cars from your driveway.
  • Hide any garbage cans, recycling bins, hoses, etc that are visible outside.
  • Realtor signs should not be up until after the photo/video shoot, as they are typically prohibited by MLS rules.